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Sequences of architectures “CIVILIZING THE URBAN”. Architecture by PCA

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n the spaces of the Museum of Peace - MAMT. “Civilizzare l’urbano” is a sequence of architectures mostly focused on videos: it extolls the diversity of the places housing it and develops in thematic rooms. Among those one is devoted to the fourth environm

Don Bosco ''The Power of Love'' at the Museum of Peace - MAMT

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The soul of Don Bosco and the Salesians who are in 132 countries of the world is now found in the “Virtual Salesian Oratory” of the Museum of Peace – MAMT, a unique and fascinating experience lived through 12 emotional pathways.

Visitors' Comments at the Museum of Peace - MAMT

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From the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova to the Nobel Prize winner Shirine Ebadi, from presidents Abu Mazen and Tayyp Erdogan to diplomats from all over the world. Here are the main comments their feelings on the Museum.

How to organize a meeting or an event at the Museum of Peace - MAMT

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It’s possible to arrange a meeting or an event at the Museum, breathing the history and living incredible emotions. Thanks to a unique multimedia equipment - 107 displays and 4k videowall – it’s possible to enhance conferences, presentations ...

Pino Daniele Alive - Museum of Peace MAMT

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Lose yourself in Pino Daniele videos: his music tells us everything about his life. Get excited about the unpublished works performed with Massimo Troisi and other artists, see his guitars and his dressing room and much more: a truly unique journey...

The protagonists of Music at the Museum of Peace - MAMT

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Many important music artists have visited the Museum of Peace - MAMT: Clementino, Emma, Gragnaniello, Senese, Toni Esposito, Nello Daniele and many others. You will feel strong emotions watching Jovanotti and Ramazzotti first-hand accounts and memories.

Inauguration of the Museum of Peace - MAMT

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016, the MUSEUM OF PEACE – MAMT was established in Naples. It is a space created by the MEDITERRANEAN FOUNDATION, for over 25 years committed to dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and the world.

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