Don Giuseppe Diana died, killed by the Camorra on March 19, 1994 in the sacristy of the church of which he was parish priest, in Casal di Principe, in the Aversano area. He was getting ready to celebrate mass, when four bullets had extinguished his earthly voice forever. A voice that preached and denounced, that warned but could also support. Who knew how to get out of the sacristy and come down from the altar to meet people, renewing an authentic communion. A priest courage, he would have written a few newspapers, until then careless to the hard and daily commitment that many carried out in those border areas. A street priest, according to a definition that now risks becoming a stereotype. Instead Don Peppino was a priest and that's it. Simply a man of the Church, as he was able to reiterate, when they hastily labeled him 'priest anti-camorra'.