The Mediterranean of Light


This pathway includes a tour of all the areas dedicated to “ARCHITECTURE AS AN INSTRUMENT OF PEACE” and the protagonists of Mediterranean architecture: pictures, emotional videos, paintings, findings and interactive reconstructions summarize the visions of a geographical space that has its roots in the ancient history of civilizations.

The architecture of the Mediterranean is an archipelago, a collection of luminous and colored fragments, a single body of different things built on the natural landscape, an architectural body made of barriers, fractures, occlusions, but also of passages, continuity and transparency.

Architecture is therefore the distinctive feature of the Mediterranean and light is the founding element that brings together old and new artifacts, creating atmospheres but also contributing to the quality of life.

The museum houses pictures  and videos of the main works of Alvaro Siza, architect of international fame, author - with Eduardo Souto De Moura - of the Metro station of Naples "Municipio" on which the Museum of Peace - MAMT overlooks.

“Mediterranean Award 2010” of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Alvaro Siza took part to numerous meetings with young architects at the Museum to explain his idea of doing architecture, expressing great appreciation for the purposes of the Museum which he defined as a "unique, generous and necessary project".

The Museum houses, between the others, some of the projects of Pica Ciamarra Associates in Mediterranean areas. The Museum includes two exhibitions: one is dedicated to the topic of utopia (concrete proposals for design competitions) the other to reality (realizations and original project documents).

There is also a space dedicated to Vittorio di Pace, member of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, one of the most internationally infulntial architect: and author of the project “Inter- ethnic City”: places of dialogue and peace for the citizens of the world. The latest achievement is the Euromedcafé of the Peace Museum.

Le Corbusier – included in the Museum-  loved Mediterranean because he loved the light. Between the documents and comments which illustrate the work of the great deceased architect it’s possible to read this comment about the topic of light:

“When Le Courbusier travels, is because he wants to find the sun, the light that plays on the shake and illuminates the eyes of women, childs and men. This is the sun sun that he wants to feel on his skin, this is the light that he wants to see. He wants absorb it. And through architecture he wants to transmit it to others".

It is possible to see the interviews to some protagonists at the following links: :