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The world has been anguished for too long by wars, conflicts, tragedies and all sorts of misfortunes that drive most of the media to dedicate many of their space to these tragic events, amplifying their reach and destroying the positive aspects of life and our hope for the future.
In our common fight against terrorism, violence and human rights violations, particularly in the face of the epochal phenomenon of migration, it is essential to promote dialogue and mutual respect among peoples. In particular, all our efforts and resources must be aimed at enhancing the common heritage of all the civilisations of the world and to “what unites us”: places of natural beauty, the artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage, craftsmanship, creativity, music, dance and other forms of human genius together with widespread solidarity.
Visiting the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples means plunging in the good, the true, the beauty and in the emotions that all this still manages to give. Thanks to a 4k high-definition display system it is possible to enjoy “emotional videos” about places of natural beauty, about the artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage, about art, crafts, creativity, music and other forms of sharing and solidarity related to various continents and, in particular, to the region of the Great Mediterranean area.
Gathering the beauty of the Mediterranean and the World with a single fil rouge (Pino Daniele’s music) without any other comment but music, makes everyone feel like belonging to a common world, surrounded by the beauty of creation and the creativity of human genius: it is on this subject that the media must focus in the forthcoming years in order to contrast wars, terrorism and widespread criminality in general.
The good of the World is then witnessed by the charisma of St. John Bosco: the twelve emotional journeys dedicated to “Don Bosco the power of love”, the “Virtual Salesian Oratory” and the Chapel with the relics of the “Saint of the youth” testify the actuality and the value of the action that the Salesians have in 132 countries all over the world, as witnessed in the film by Michele Capasso “Don Bosco the power of love”.