Stories of Peace


This path includes a visit to spaces where the lives of protagonists are told for the "Common Good", the "Dialogue" and "Peace".

From the victims of wars and mafias - without distinction of categories, from security guards to entrepreneurs, from policemen to politicians, from magistrates to journalists, and so on in a long list - to the characters who sacrificed their lives for others.

There are many protagonists in the most diverse spheres of political, cultural, religious and social life in various countries that are told with images, objects, books, memories: all committed to building the "Common Good" and "Peace".

It is very often simple stories, humble in which to be the master is that "PPPeople" with "3P" that wants, stubbornly, to continue to believe in Man and its founding values: like that of Raffaele Capasso, Mayor of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio for over 35 years (until his death) and creator of the reconstruction of his country destroyed by the Eruption of Vesuvius in March 1944. In this space, direct testimonies of love for his people and unpublished videos on the last eruption del Vesuvio lead the visitor on a journey full of emotions. Like what you live in the Churchill Hall, dedicated to the deceased statesman who stayed in one of the rooms of the Museum, until not long ago the "Grand Hotel de Londres": here finds, letters, objects and video testimonies transport visitors period of the 2 world conflicts of the last century on a journey of great historical value.

A room - in which there are precious objects donated by the family to the Museum - is then dedicated to Don Peppe Diana, killed by camorra on March 19, 1994 in the sacristy of the church of which he was parish priest, in Casal di Principe, in the Aversano area. A voice that preached and denounced but also knew how to support.

It’s possible to watch  videos about some of the protagonists to the following links: