One sea three faiths


This pathway includes a tour to the “PRAYER ROOM” and the exhibitions “THE LAST DINNER”, “HOLY ART”, “DON GIUSEPPE DIANA”, “VIRGIN MARY AND THE GREAT GODDESS”, “THE SYNAGOGUE”, in addition to exclusive videos about the protagonists of inter-religious dialogue.

It’s possible to enjoy the listen to religious songs and musics of different faiths inside the “Music Room”, through high fidelity reproducers that guarantee a "live" effect.

Inside the "Prayer Room" there are the Mihrab and two rare writings on the name of Allah. The first, offered by the Sultanate of Oman, translates as "God Clement and Merciful" and is cut from the cover of the Kaaba: a building that is located in Masjid al-Haram, in the center of Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and constitutes the place most sacred of Islam. The second, offered by the Kingdom of Morocco, translates as "God is great and unique" and was made by ancient Moroccan artisans. The Hall is a place of prayer for Muslims and for all those who believe in the One God: the common prayers in which the representatives of the three faiths together recite the prayers of each one are particularly moving.

There are also precious objects offered by Said and Zhora Margoul, antique dealers in Marrakech, who wanted to contribute to this great initiative of dialogue and peace: thus enriching the visit, an ancient marble door to access a mosque, an embroidered curtain with sacred motifs from the 12th century and vases reproducing the Koran.

At the entrance of the 4th floor there is another rare object: the first synagogue made by the Jews in Morocco with palm wood and Berber decorations, an example of contamination between different cultures of great significance and value.

It’s possible to watch videos of the “Prayer Room” in which Muslims, Chrisitans and Jewish pray together to following link: Watch the video