Voices of Migrants

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This pathway includes a tour to the “Totem of Peace” with the “Urn of the Unknown Migrant” created by the Museum in “Coast Guard” Square next to Maritime Station in the Port of Naples, in the occasion of the 150TH Anniversary of Unit of the Port Authorities and visited by Pope Francis on March 21st 2015. Watch the Video

Subsequentialy, inside some specific areas, the pathway continues with the screening of videos and testimonies of migrants on the phenomenon of migration in the Mediterranean and in the world, with the actual updating of migratory flows and initiatives taken by the European Union and the various countries to avoid the trafficking of human beings and the death of innocents in Our Sea.

A lot of touching stories that represent a wealth of the world and not a problem, in order to transform the widespread feelings of indifference and tolerance into welcoming and coexistence.

The videos, objects and findings confirm the activities that the Fondazione Mediterraneo  has conduct during more that 25 years in favour of migrants.  From “Welcoming Laboratories” to cards identifying the "needs" of each person.

Between the videos, that of the Unit of the Port Authorities – Coast Guard to whom the Fondazione Mediterraneo gave the “Mediterranean Award 2014,  as a recognition to all 11.000 men and women who Save human lives every day.

It’s possible to watch an introductive video for the visitor of the Museum of Peace – MAMT who choose this emotional pathway to the following link:  Watch the Video