Naples now has its own brand-new museum


THE MUSEUM OF PEACE - MAMT (Mediterranean - Art - Music - Traditions)

was established thanks to the union of 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries and to the collaboration of the main international organisations, yet this would not have been possible without the voluntary contribution of men and women from various Mediterranean countries and the world that, through their commitment and donations, have shared this initiative of culture, dialogue and peace.
The Museum belongs to the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo Onlus and its headquarters are in Naples in Municipio Square, in a wing of the historic building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres - Palazzo Pierce".
The Museum is recognized by the main national and international institutions as "emotional heritage of humanity".
The Campania Region recognized the Museum of Peace - MAMT of regional interest with DGRG n.78 del 19.02.2020 pursuant to L.R. n. ° 12/2005. .


The Museum is one of the main initiatives of the Fondazione Mediterraneo

and it’s a project that comes from far away; proposed on december 1997 by 2248 participants of the Civil Forum Euromed of Naples, it’s the result of a collective action, of more than 15 years, executed by the Fondazione to assure to Naples, Campania and Italy a place able to let the people “live” peace and mediterraneity : an active space to make Environment, Archeology, Architecture, Art, Ancient Crafts, Conflicts, Migrations, Music, Religions, History and Traditions dialogue within a contemporary society.

“Think European” and “Breathe Mediterranean”: in these expressions there are is the motto of the MUSEUM OF PEACE which accompanies the visitor in a unique journey through geography, history, culture, art, music, traditions, religions, politics, destiny…

The central idea that led the Fondazione to create the Museum

It’s the awareness –in this right historical moment characterized by a crisis of values as well as economic in which the tragedies and conflicts invade our daily life – that the past of ancient traditions is the basis for the construction of a humanity of rationality and relationships and that the greatness of the Mediterranean combines ingenuity, effort and intelligence together with the ability to share spaces and cultures.
Now more than ever, the sense of future is given by the awareness of suffering and conflicts and, at the same time, by the capactiy to share joys and connections. Promote and strengthen what makes us similar is the antidote to build and keep peace.

The MAMT is a one a kind Museum

Thanks to a multimedia system that, through high definition dispalys placed on different floors, broadcasts videos and informations about various themes. The main new is the programme “Mediterranean of Emotions” : 500 videos about the most beautiful places in Mediterranean – among these the UNESCO sites – recroded with 4k technology and the use of drones starting right from Campania thanks to the contribution of FESR2007-2013 Funds.
To all of this are added rare objects, findings and testimonies that, in the variety of the different sections, exude history and lived life: this is why the Museum is defined as the "emotional heritage of humanity".
The MAMT was opened in its first exhibition on December 20th 2013.
From June 1st to December 31st  2015 the refurbishment and redevelopment works were carried out. 

The opening is on December 20th 2013

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