A complete visit of the Museum of Peace  - MAMT, a emotional heritage of humanity and one of its kind (with its contents of 28,000 audio contributions, over 5,000 videos, 8,000 books, finds and rare objects) requires about 5,000 hours in the current configuration. Those visitors who just spend a few hours should be only guided by their emotions, thinking of coming back several times to this “Home” that welcomes everyone with love: so many people up to this day have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for this emotional experience.




1. OPTION  “A”  

Visit without a guide
Contribution: € 10.00

Choose the pathways of the Museum of Peace - MAMT that most interest you: from Pino Daniele to Don Diana, ending with "The Campania of Emotions" and the “Mediterranean of Emotions”.


2. OPTION  “B”

Guided tours
Contribution: € 15.00

To live with the guide of the founders of the Museum unique emotions through the museum sections and the various emotional paths: Pino Daniele, the color sculptor Mario Molinari,Totò, Padre Pio, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Don Diana, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Chapel with the relics of St. John Bosco, the nativity scenes, the sphinx, the migrants, the art, the architecture, the archaeology, the crafts, the music: 5,000 videos in high definition 4K tell visitors of the beauty of the most significant sites of Campania, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean area as well as first-hand accounts on the “Great Protagonists” of History, Music, Art, Cinema, Theatre, Politics, Religions.
And much, much more...



Call +39 340 806 29 08 or +39 081 552 30 33 (from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm). Alternatively, you can send a request to the following e-mail address:  

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TO VISIT THE MUSEUM OF PEACE - MAMT, IT IS NECESSARY to dedicate your necessary time to the visit of the Museum in order to feel the emotions and sensations that each pathway produces.
It is forbidden to photograph in the museum spaces.


Monday: only for groups and by reservation

From Wednesday until Friday:
h.10.00 am / 1.00 pm - h. 3.00 pm / 7.00 pm
Guided tours:
h.10.00 am / h.11.00 am / h.12.00 am / h.3.00 pm / h.4.00 pm / h.5.00 pm / h.6.00 pm
Last access to the Museum: h. 18.00 pm

h.9.00 am / h.1.00 pm
Guided tours:
h.10.00 am / h.11.00 am / h.12.00 am
Last access to the Museum: h. 12.00 am


These are the “emotional pathways” with the respective presentation videos:

  1. The Mediterranean of emotions

  2. The Mediterranean of light

  3. The Mediterranean on creativity

  4. The Mediterranean of trades

  5. Campania of emotions

  6. The song that comes from the sea

  7. Voices of migrants

  8. One sea, three faiths

  9. Stories of peace

  10. Countries and Institutions

  11. Testimonials and visits

  12. Molinari, the colour sculptor

  13. Pino Daniele Alive

  14. Don Diana: For the love of his people (Part I) - (Part II)

  15. Don Bosco: The power of love (Full Movie)

  16. The Highways of the Sea

  17. Pertini and Caponnetto

  18. Antonio de Curtis Prince Poeta

  19. The food of emotions

  20. The young hunters of the positive

  21. The long journey of the Totem of Peace